China Harbor Restaurant


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 To better provide for the needs of all attendee's, the evening's menu with be "Kosher-Style" Vegetarian*


  1.   Appetizer Platter
  2.   Egg-Flower Soup
  3.   Mixed Vegetables & Hosuin Sauce
  4.   Fried Sweet & Sour Tofu
  5.   Veggie Chow Mein
  6.   Vegetable Fried Rice
  7.   Special "Family Style" Tofu
  8.   Steamed Rice
  9.   Seasonal Fresh Fruit
  10.   Fortune Cookie
  11.   Hot Tea


The Festivus dinner will be served "family style" in the restaurant's upstairs grand ballroom.  Each table will seat 10 diners, and dinner will be served in a
progressive fashion -- meaning that once a table is fully seated, dinner service will begin for that table.  Please be aware that this also means if you want to dine with your friends, your family, or with a particular group, you will all need to arrive (or at least be seated) at the same time.  To best accommodate the flow, reserving seats for late or pending guests will not permitted.



We will have special tables demarcated for both "singles" and for "families with children".  If you have a preference for a particular table, please let the maitre'd know. 

*NOTE:  Please be aware that, while the meal is "kosher-style vegetarian, China Harbor is not a glat kosher restaurant

**NOTE:  China Harbor reserves the right to change the menu at their discretion and without notice, while still keeping it kosher-style vegetarian.