Film Festival Submissions

Film Festival Submissions: 

Welcome to:

Seattle's first "Best of YouTube" Festivus Film Festival

with all submissions nominated by you, favorites voted on by the audience, and a prize awarded to the nominee for the film or clip which wins the best in each category!



1)  Use the form below to nominate your favorite short film(s) or clip(s) for each category. Please include the Title AND YouTube link for each video that you submit.

While you may enter as many films as you wish, please try to limit yourself to your favorite two or three for any one category.  If you nominate more than three titles in a category, please indicate which ones you feel are the top two or three that you are submitting. 

*Films should all be YouTube public domain films, fairly short, and appropriate for all ages.  Nominations will be accepted through Dec 15th.

2)  Film submissions will be pre-screened prior to the event, and the best 3-5 titles in each category will be shown during the movie portion of "Mu She, Matzo Balls, & Movies".  At the end of the screening, the audience will be able to vote on what they feel is the best film for each category.  Voting will be done individually using a paper ballot provided at the venue.  After the screening, the audience's votes will be tabulated and the winners announced. 

3)  The nominee of the winning film in each category will receive not only the accolades of an appreciative audience, but a humble Festivus prize as well (TBA). 

If several people submitted the same name of a winning film or clip, the winner will be selected by random drawing from among all of those who nominated it.  

In the event that one person wins for their submissions in two or more different categories, another winner will be selected by random drawing until there is only one winner for each category.  We love the idea of everyone sharing in the honors, rewards, and booty equitably -- it's the Festivus way!  

*Winners need not be present to win, but they must have purchased a ticket to the event. 


Nomination Categories:

          1. Best Music Video
          2. Best Comedy
          3. Best Dance Video
          4. Best "Spoof" Video
          5. Best Animal Video
          6. Best "Kids" Video
          7. Best "Art" Video
          8. Best "Holiday-Themed" Video (X-mas, Hannukah, Kwanza, etc)


Film Submission Form:

Please submit your favorite YouTube clips for each category in the boxes below.  Be sure to include both the TITLE and the YouTube LINK for each film you nominate

I would like to nominate.....

Thank you so much for your sharing! We look forward to seeing you at the screening on Dec 24th :)