Roll Up The Rug!


Group Private Dance Lessons with Ari Levitt

Enjoy a 1.5 hour group-private lesson for as little as $15/person ($10/hour)

Three Ways to take adantage of this offer:


1.  Five  Tuesdays in Nov/Dec (All-levels)          *** NEW THIS WINTER***

   SERIES:  “Blues Foundations” - connection from the ground  up,  plus movement, musicality  and styling*

   DATES:  Tuesday, Sept 21, 28, Oct 5, 12, 19

                              Track One:  7:00 - 8:30pm  "Blues Foundations and the Art of Close Connection in Slow Blues" * [Beg Level]

                              Track Two:  8:30 - 10:00pm  "Fusion Blues -- the Latin connection" *  [Beg Level]    

2.  Five  Wednesdays in Nov/Dec (All-levels)         *** NEW THIS WINTER*** 

   SERIES:  “The Invisible Art of Dance” - see description below...

   DATES:  Wednesday --Nov 10, 17, 24, Dec 1, 8

                              Track One:  7:00 - 8:30pm  "The Invisible Art of Dance" * [All Levels]    Mastering the playfulness and        "conversation" of blues dance, with a focus on  the nuance and subtlety of lead/follow connection.

                              Track Two:  8:30 - 10:00pm  "West Coast Swing Foundations" *  [All Level]    Learn the basics of West Coast Swing Dancing, a very fun and sexy, high-energy, blues-based swing dance.  Perfect if taken in conjunction with the Tues or Wed 7pm class.   

*Class size is limited, so register early to ensure a spot!

No partner needed. 

Exact syllabus will be individually tailored to the group  and may vary as the group desires

        COST:  $75.00 for each 5-week session (that's only $10 an hour!), $130 for two ($20 savings), $185 for three ($40 savings), $240 for four ($60 savings), $25 for drop-ins (on a space available basis only)

       SPECIAL BONUS:  Register by Nov 2nd for the 5-week session(s) and receive a free individualized practice CD of music to dance by!!!

       TO REGISTER:  1. Click on the "Registration" tab above and fill out the form, or email Ari at   (Please include names of all individuals registering in your party, contact info for each (email and phone number), class(es) you are registering for, and whether for a drop-in or a 5-week session)  2. You will receive a confirmation email which will include payment instructions as well as the address and directions for the studio on Eastlake.  Payment confirms your spot in the class.

       Further Details & Backstory:   Masterful partner dancing is often likened to two people having a brief, intense, meaningful, and connected conversation, but without words.  The nuance and subtlety of creating a truly playful conversation is best acheived when both dancers learn the art of "close & quiet" partner connection; this, coupled with an ability to anticipate and to reflect the movement, energy, and phrasing of the music you are dancing to.

     These unique classes are designed to give special attention to those invisible aspects of dance which are almost impossible to teach or to learn in large group settings -- namely, the art of the "imperceptable" lead & follow.  Taught by an expert teacher, these classes are nigh guarenteed to raise the ante of your dance experience by a good ten-fold!  Even the most veteran of dancers have been amazed at what more there is to learn in these classes and how much it adds to the joy of their dance experience! (see testimonials).

                                        The small class size allows for maximum instructor feedback and individualized attention.

     Pre-registration is required.  NO PARTNER NEEDED. Class size is limited and gender balance will be kept even.  Priority will  be given to persons pre-registering for the 2,3, or 4-class session. (Single class drop-in's will be allowed, but on space available basis only, and you must pre-register) 

Classes are held in a private studio in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle.  Details will be provided upon registration.

              Q:  What is the difference between the Tuesday classes and the Wednesday classes?:
  The Tuesday classes are really designed for beginning-level dancers.  If you are new to dance, or if you are a veteran dancer but new 

      to blues or "close connection" movement, both of these classes would be perfect for you.  The first class will emphasize pure 

      connection in a slow blues setting, while the second class will introduce more high-energy movement that can be done to a stronger

      blues or latin-blues pulse.  The two classes compliment each other wonderfully and would be great to take as a set.
         The Wednesday classes are really designed for people who have either taken previous blues workshops with Whitney and

      myself at the bistro, or were in our last 'group-private' salon series, or who are already familiar with blues, tango, or close

      connection dance.  The first class will introduce higher level close-connection blues moves and concepts.  The second class will 

      introduce West coast Swing,  avery fun and sexy blues-based swing dance.  Both classes are complimentary to each other and would be

      perfect if taken back to back if you are an intermediate or higher level dancer.


                                  ** SEE TESTIMONIAL PAGE FOR FURTHER DESCRIPTION **


3.  Get your friends together and form your own private dance class.  It only takes three couples to get started!    

 Choose your own dance style and level of instruction (beg, int, adv).  Dates and times to be arranged with instructor. Class topics may include any one or more of the following:   musicality, connection, slow blues, walking blues, jump blues, blues waltz, new blues dimensions, west coast swing, night club 2-step, balboa, lindy hop, east coast swing, swing fusion, salsa, merengue, cha cha, kizomba, couples styling, individual free-styling, dance "conversations", and more....

PRICING:  Price is sliding-scale based on number of participants.  Please contact Ari for further details.