Roll Up The Rug!


"I would like to share my experience with you about taking lessons from Ari to help illustrate the significance of his teaching style and the material he covers. In the past year that I have been dancing with Ari, I have learned a great deal about what it takes to be a good follow and a good lead, and I believe my dancing has improved dramatically based on the techniques Ari has taught me.

My dancing has had an amazing transformation that has taught me to relax and trust my lead regardless of their skill level. My focus of learning fancy footwork has changed to trusting my lead and their placement of my body. The footwork now flows naturally. I hold this relaxed state of mind or connection while I maintain a solid frame. Ari has taught me this great lessen and has shown me how it transfers to more structured dances such as Waltz, Tango and the Latin Dances. It is truly magical.

Even more than the follow, I believe these lessons in close-connection are of fundamental importance to the lead.  When the lead understands how to read the level of the follow, they can tailor a dance that is connected and exciting. I have also been learning to lead and these skills have helped me to create wonderful dances with both female and male follows.

After understanding the importance of connection, Ari began teaching me how to have a conversation without words; to listen to the lead and to the music and to recognize opportunities for back-leading and interjecting my own expression. When done fluidly, the conversation goes back and forth and truly becomes a creation of two dancers.  This is why Ari’s lessons are so important for both leads and for follows.  It is this understanding of 'close-connection' that will not only make you a better dancer, but more importantly, a better dance-partner. For this reason, I highly encourage you to attend the his classes and experience this kind of connection for yourself."

-- Whitney Evans, Sept 2010


"I've taken private lessons and classes from quite a few teachers, and I learned more from Ari about connection and partner dancing in one hour at the Bistro than I did in a hundred hours with the studios..."

-- P.K. Aug 2010

My favorite thing about Ari as an instructor is that he does not hold anything back.  In a beginning lesson he can eloquently deliver everything a person needs to know to have months and months of fun with a dance.  He’s a great instructor, performer, host, historian and DJ all in one. And to top it all off he is incredibly fun to work with!  I confidently recommend Ari to every dance community I know and he always gets invited back for encore appearances. 

-- Gin Kirn, Dec 2009

Ari is a phenomenal dancer and instructor, a true master of the craft; one of the most versitile and well-rounded instructors that Seattle has to offer. I've thoroughly enjoyed his classes and workshops.

Debbie R., Aug 2010  

Ari and Whitney bring an exceptional amount of talent and enthusiasm to their classes. Not only is their dancing inspirational, but several critical components are presented in fun and concise exercises, explaining what could be very difficult to convey, with artful metaphors. Ari has a wonderful way of analyzing the nuances of this improvisational dance style, so that the learner can easily grasp and practice the form. Not only that – the two show such an obvious love of blues dancing with each other, that one cannot help but smile, enjoy and join the fun!

Thanks so much you two, for coming to our little town with your excellent teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and talking and socializing with both of you.  I love your fluid dancing style, and sense of humor and metaphor. I am so grateful that we might just get this kind of community going in our town, as a result of your workshop and future teachings!

The ball is rolling!!

Thanks again so very much!

Warmly, Laura Green