Roll Up The Rug!

The video below:  Ari Levitt & Jodi Fleischman, Night Club 2-Step workshop demonstration.  Seattle, WA.  2008

The video below:  Intermediate level Night Club 2-Step IIa class review with Ari Levitt and Jodi Fleischman at North Bellevue Community Center, Bellevue, WA.  (April, 2009)  

The videos below:  Intermediate "Fusion Waltz" workshop step reviews, with Ari Levitt and Jodi Fleischman, at the Phinney Ridge Community Center, Seattle, WA.   (March, 2009.  April, 2009)

Ari's "Double Dutch" combo from the Fusion Waltz workshop with Ari & Whitney in Portland, OR (Oct, 2010)

 The video below:  Ari Levitt & Jane Barnes improvising with West Coast Swing - Blues Fusion.  San Francisco,  2008.

The video below:  Ari Levitt & Jane Cristina Lybarger take a momnt for a little afternoon Blues improvising.  Seattle, 2009. 

The videos below:  Ari Levitt & Julie Tsai reviewing steps from their Fusion Waltz workshop at Stanford's Dance Weekend and Friday Night Waltz.   San Francisco,  2009.

The videos below: Ari & Gin Kirn take to the floor for a little blues dance fun after teaching the dance lesson at Freeway Park for Seattle's "Dancing 'til Dusk" outdoor summer concert and dance series, 2009.  

Whitney & Ari demo a little Blues-Latin Fusion, from their workshop in Hood River, Oregon in Oct, 2010.

The four (4) video's below:  Ari Levitt and Jane Barnes improvising Lindy Hop on the streets (and in the coffee shops) of san Francisco.  San Francisco, CA.  2008

The two (2) video's below:  Ari Levitt & Sheena Mangicap, Slow Blues improv.  Seattle, WA  (April, 2009)